Guide to Wingman PASS Requirements

Use this document when creating a Wingman Standard PASS Report. This document defines:

  • Fixed-Wing Pilot-In-Command Experience Requirements
  • Fixed-Wing Second-In-Command Experience Requirements
  • Rotocraft Requirements for PIC and SIC

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Wyvern 25 Year Timeline

This timeline celebrates Wyvern's 25th anniversary and features major milestones and the Wingmen who have maintained their certification.


Wingman PASS Standards [Infographic]

View the 3.2 revisions in the Wingman Standard.

Elevating Safety Worldwide

Wyvern, an aviation risk management and safety auditing services company, has released its new corporate video. The video focuses on Wyvern’s goal of elevating safety worldwide and features. Art Dawley, Wyvern CEO, speaking about the safety intelligence data and preferred vendor network offered by Wyvern. Michelle Dina, Director of Corporate Sales, is also featured on the video speaking about The Wingman Standard, which provides a safety benchmark that allows customers to assess performance expectations against recognized industry best operating practices when purchasing air charter services.

The video was shot at Meridian Air Charter in Teterboro, NJ. Michael J. Moore, Meridian Vice President of Aviation Sales, is interviewed and talks about how Wyvern is pervasive throughout their organization and helps them to choose quality vendors.

Solairus Aviation Renews Wyvern Wingman Certification

Go Onsite for a Wyvern Wingman Audit with Solairus Aviation

Ever wondered how Wyvern conducts a Part 135 charter operator audit to The Wyvern Standard? Go onsite as Solairus Aviation has its first Wingman audit evaluation with Wyvern's Operations and Maintenance auditors. 

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