Guide to Wingman PASS Requirements

Use this document when creating a Wingman Standard PASS Report. This document defines:

  • Fixed-Wing Pilot-In-Command Experience Requirements
  • Fixed-Wing Second-In-Command Experience Requirements
  • Rotocraft Requirements for PIC and SIC

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Wyvern 25 Year Timeline

This timeline celebrates Wyvern's 25th anniversary and features major milestones and the Wingmen who have maintained their certification.


Wingman PASS Standards [Infographic]

View the 3.2 revisions in the Wingman Standard.

Solairus Aviation Renews Wyvern Wingman Certification

Go Onsite for a Wyvern Wingman Audit with Solairus Aviation

Ever wondered how Wyvern conducts a Part 135 charter operator audit to The Wyvern Standard? Go onsite as Solairus Aviation has its first Wingman audit evaluation with Wyvern's Operations and Maintenance auditors. 

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