The Wingman Standard 3.3

TWS 3.3 Cover-1

WYVERN’s mission is to elevate safety and security worldwide. To support this mission, we are proud to announce the immediate release of the Wingman Standard version 3.3.

Conformance to The Wingman Standard demonstrates a rigorous and proactive commitment to safety risk management throughout the organization. Therefore, we continue our focus on identifying hazards and mitigating associated safety risks to the lowest practical level in all aspects of operations. To do this more effectively, the Wingman audit protocols related to safety management systems have been enhanced with the WYVERN SMS Certification tools.

This edition of The Wingman Standard also provides clarity regarding the international standards to be referenced when conducting Wingman certification audits. Beginning with this edition, WYVERN’s audit protocols align with ICAO Annex 6, Operation of Aircraft, and ICAO Annex 19, Safety Management, the standards and recommended practices the ICAO expects all signatory States and operators to abide by.

Being a global leader in safety risk management requires a passionate pursuit of excellence and innovation every day. We are inspired to do this to help you protect the ones you love. So, when you are considering your next flight, remember, when you choose to fly with a WYVERN Wingman, you’ve chosen to fly with the best!

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