Safety Leader Insight: September 12, 2018

Safety Leadership Insight: How people interact with others at work significantly affects the organization’s safety performance. Human factors requires an understanding of how people interact with their world, their capabilities and limitations. Safety Leaders must learn to influence human behavior to improve safety performance. (Reference: ICAO Doc 9859, 4th Edition, Section 2.2.1)

Test Your Knowledge: What are the five key ingredients for a safety culture? ANSWER

Occurrence Reporting for September 10, 2018

09-SEP-18 / 17:10:00Z / N2707J / WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA / CESSNA 335 / ACCIDENT

Summary: 15 Events / Incidents: 9 / Accidents: 6 / Fatalities: 2

Reminder for safety professionals - “Remain vigilant, complacency can be fatal.”

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September 25th -  28th  

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October 23rd - 26th 

 Aero Jet Services  | Scottsdale, AZ.

November 5th - 8th

 Morristown Airport | Morristown, NJ.

November 27th - 30th

 Aero Jet Services  | Scottsdale, AZ.

December 4th - 7th

 Hanscom Field  | Bedford, MA.

January 22nd - 25th

 Location TBD | Phoenix, AZ. 

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The WHY:  We ensure safety to protect the ones you love.

Our Mission: To elevate aviation safety, worldwide, and help our customers achieve a robust safety culture across all levels of their organizations.

Our Vision: WYVERN Ltd is a global leader in safety risk management solutions. We passionately pursue excellence and continuously innovate to create value for all our stakeholders.

Our Values: Integrity, Excellence in Everything We Do, Continuous Innovation, Relationships

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