3.1_Risk_Management_-_Photo_1.jpgContinuous Risk Monitoring

Providing independent, comprehensive and systematic risk management programs for operators and the vendors they engage to support their operation.

Wyvern performs continuous monitoring, continuous assessment, continuous improvement and compliance monitoring for both end users and operators of manned and unmanned aircraft.

Operator continuous monitoring is a safety transparency-enhancing subscription service developed to meet the desires of proactive organizations that express a strong interest in obtaining a deeper, and ongoing level of operator information.

This represents a significant improvement over the traditional “snapshot in time” audit.



Wyvern Aviation Intelligence3.1_Risk_Management_-_Photo_3.jpg

Providing the most accurate and comprehensive data platform for those seeking to evaluate manned and unmanned operators through:

  • Decision support and predictive analytics
  • Continuous monitoring for manned and unmanned operators
  • Operator SMS / ERP / IEP stored and managed on platform


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