Audit Process

WYVERN assesses conformity to the audit criteria based on observations, interviews, and document review utilizing ISO 19011 principles for auditing. You will be eligible to receive an applicable certification after identified non-conformities have been adequately addressed within your management systems.

Audit Principles

WYVERN audits are guided by the following principles:

ISO 19011 logo

1. Integrity: the foundation of professionalism

a. Auditors and the audit management personnel perform their work with honesty, diligence, and responsibility;
c. Auditors demonstrate their competence while performing their work; and
d. Auditors perform their work in an impartial manner.

2. Fair presentation: Report truthfully and accurately

3. Due professional care: Apply diligence and judgment

4. Confidentiality: Your information remains secure

5. Independence: Impartiality and objectivity

6. Evidence-based approach: Audit conclusions are verifiable


Wingman AuditWingman_Ipad_Image

The Wingman Standard Audit is Wyvern’s proprietary audit standard in conjunction with our signature membership. It is considered one of the most challenging industry standards to adhere to and one of the most reputable and recognized in the aviation industry.

Going above and beyond regulations, the Wingman Certification is a commercial best practice standard is defined and continuously refined by Aviation Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders knowledgeable in evolving safety and quality practices.



SMS Certification AuditsSMS-levels-4

The SMS Certification Audit is a Safety Management System (SMS) assessment based on ICAO and the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG) standards, designed and adapted to be user friendly, efficient, sophisticated yet practical. It validates 4 levels of performance, related to the required SMS Components, Human Factors, Flight Data Analysis Program Effectiveness (if applicable), Organizational Culture, and Basic Aviation Risks 




The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is an industry code of practice for business aviation ground handlers and operators.




The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) is an industry code of practice for business aviation ground handlers.


Mission AuditsHelicopter Tour

Mission audits are mission-specific reports that provide insight to a charter operator that is similar to an audit but with a more focused directive.

The report includes a review of the pilots, aircraft maintenance, operator history, aircraft performance, photos of the planned route, and potential risk factors. 



Industry Best Practice AssessmentsWYVERN Academy (2)

An Industry Best Practice audit is typically a one or two day onsite evaluation of an organization. Wyvern has performed Industry Best Practice audits and gap analyses for a variety of industries including Electronic News Gathering, Telecommunications, Oil, Gas, and Petroleum, Mining, Colleges and Universities, Cruise Operators and Power and Utility operations as well as Part 91, Part 121, Part 125, and Part 135 operations to evaluate processes and procedures for general compliance.



AMO / MRO AssessmentsMx Inspection

The proper maintenance of aircraft is fundamental to aviation safety. The WYVERN Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) / Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (MRO) station Certification Program provides standards and methods to validate that WYVERN Certified AMOs / MROs effectively manage key safety processes to ensure safety risks are controlled to an acceptable level.



Corporate / Part 91Biz jet and heli

A Corporate / Part 91 audit is typically a one or two day onsite evaluation of an that focuses on safety management system effectiveness, organizational structure, training programs, standard operating procedures, aircraft maintenance, occupational health and safety, and security. Emphasis is placed on human and organizational factors. A safety culture assessment is included.  



Air Charter Safety Foundation AuditACSF logo3

The Air Charter Safety Foundation developed the Industry Audit Standard (IAS) which focuses on air charter operations. WYVERN conducts these audits alone or in combination with the Wingman audit.



UAS Certification Audit2015-04-01_03_41_54-Wyvern_EXACT-Logo.pdf_-_Adobe_Acrobat_Pro

Expand your commercial opportunities as a professional organization, demonstrate a commitment to safety, and establish your business as forward-thinking in drone operations risk management vetted against a global, best practices UAS standard. There are four (4) EXACT Assessment Categories dependent on the MTOM (Max Take-Off Mass) of the largest UAV and whether operated under Visual Line of Sight or Beyond Visual Line of Sight conditions.


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