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The Wingman Standard Audit is Wyvern’s premier auditing service in conjunction with our signature membership. It is considered one of the most challenging industry standards to adhere to and one of the most reputable and recognized in the aviation industry.

Going above and beyond regulations, The Wingman Standard is a commercial best practice standard is defined and continuously refined by Aviation Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders knowledgeable in evolving safety and quality practices.



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Wyvern is an accredited auditing firm authorized to perform the International Business Aviation Council’s (IBAC) International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) audits.

IS-BAO is a global benchmark that focuses on Safety Management Systems (SMS) development and implementation. Wyvern offers an exclusive Wingman and IS-BAO audit combination requiring only one on-site visit.




The International Standard for Business Aircraft handling (IS-BAH) is a set of industry best practices for business aviation ground handlers that features a sophisticated Safety Management System (SMS).

The IS-BAH Audit follows the structure of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Program.



Desk Reviewsstandard audits

Desk Reviews are mission-specific reports that provide insight to a charter operator that is similar to an audit, but with a more focused directive.

The report includes additional information not checked on Wyvern’s PASS report: maintenance records, aircraft performance, photos of the planned route, and potential risk factors. 



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An Industry Best Practice audit is typically a one or two day onsite evaluation of an organization. Wyvern has performed Industry Best Practice audits and gap analyses for a variety of industries including Electronic News Gathering, Telecommunications, Oil, Gas, and Petroleum, Mining, Colleges and Universities, Cruise Operators and Power and Utility operations as well as Part 135 and 91 operations to evaluate processes and procedures for general compliance.


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