Whether helping a commercial air charter or UAS operators meet top industry benchmarks or providing customers specialized insight into aviation safety practices, our services recognize the uniqueness of each assignment and use our expertise to develop a solution that best fits your needs.
Risk Management

Aviation Risk Management

Solutions that address your specific needs and challenges

  • Experienced industry leaders and subject matter experts deliver value-added services
  • Transition from biennial audits to continuous monitoring, risk management services used by the world’s largest flight organizations
  • Continuous assessment, continuous monitoring and continuous improvement and  compliance monitoring against a standard defined by Wyvern or the client

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Wyvern Aviation Training

Professional, experienced instruction

  • Wyvern conducts training oversight, curriculum development and classroom training  for clients
  • Drawing on extensive experience and industry leaders in the fields of flight operations, safety, maintenance and ground handling, Wyvern conducts world class training and instills a just safety culture in its students

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Aviation Safety Audits

The leader in third party auditing services for the aviation industry since 1991

  • The philosophy of hiring an independent,  third-party auditor is to get a set of fresh, highly experienced eyes to review processes and help identify areas for improvement in an organization
  • The Wingman Operator Audit is considered one of the most challenging          standards to adhere to and one of the most reputable and recognized in the    industry
  • Wyvern is an accredited auditing firm authorized to perform IS-BAO  audits
  • A Best Practice Audit - a one or two day onsite evaluation, Gap Analyses, or a Desk Review - a  remote  trip specific audit, can help identify areas in need of improvement or help  mitigate risk  to the lowest possible level
  • EXACT UAS, or RPAS, performance-based audits ensure buyers a drone service provider has passed  a robust, standardardized international best practices standard once attaining EXACT Certification

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Registered with Wyvern Operator Membership

The Network with a Global Reach

Safety-forward organizations choose Wyvern’s proprietary intelligence resources to make risk-based decisions in rapidly-changing markets and business environments worldwide.

  • Over 300 air charter carriers globally comprise the Registered with Wyvern Operator Network
  • Being a Registered with Wyvern Operator makes it possible to connect with and discover new sources of lift, work with existing vendors, provide transparency in safety data, and  source new customers

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The Wyvern Broker Network

When you look for charter broker services look for the Wyvern Broker badge

  • Wyvern Brokers are committed to having a safety program as part of their organization. They promote their commitment through the use of Wyvern Aviation Intelligence including The Wingman Report, SIR market intelligence, and by running PASS trip due-diligence reports on every trip

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"Being a Wyvern broker plays a large role in ensuring that the Magellan Jets Preferred Network delivers safe, timely, and exceptional service for our clients' air travel. Wyvern and the tools it provides help Magellan Jets operate with the efficiency of time and resources to elevate the expectations of our staff and clients every day, on every single flight.

Joshua Hebert CEO, Magellan Jets

Risk Mitigation Tools: PASS and SIR

Instantly assure each flight meets the highest industry safety standard

  • When you generate a PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) Report from Wyvern’s  cloud-based application, you are presented with operator, aircraft, and pilot records  and information from Wyvern’s global database, compares against Wyvern’s or your  own standard, and presented within seconds in a single comprehensive report

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  • SIR (Safety Intelligence Report) provides the most current operator information in the     industry enabling you to perform due-diligence and thorough risk analysis

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