The SMS Certification Audit is a Safety Management System (SMS) assessment based on ICAO and the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG) standards, designed and adapted to be user friendly, efficient, sophisticated yet practical. It validates 4 levels of performance, related to the required SMS Components, Human Factors, Flight Data Analysis Program Effectiveness (if applicable), Organizational Culture, and Basic Aviation Risks (See Figure 1). 


SMS Level 4 Insight by WYVERN

 Figure 1. Example SMS performance graph from the SMS Certification Audit by WYVERN 


The ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requires each State to ensure that the following organizations under its authority implement an Safety Management System (SMS):

  • Approved training organizations;
  • Operators of aircraft authorized to conduct international commercial air transport;
  • Approved maintenance organizations providing services to operators engaged in international commercial air transport;
  • Organizations responsible for the type design or manufacture of aircraft;
  • Air traffic services (ATS) providers; 
  • Operators of certified aerodromes; and
  • International general aviation operators of large or turbojet airplanes.  


The SMS performance levels are as follows: 

  • SMS Level 1 is achieved when all elements are present and suitable;
  • SMS Level 2 is achieved when all elements are present, suitable, and operational;
  • SMS Level 3 is achieved when all elements are effective; and
  • SMS Level 4 is achieved when all elements are aligned with best practices, a safety culture is being sustained, human factors program is effective, and daily safety data flow supports the organization’s decision-making.  

The SMS Certification Audit pricing is as follows: 

  • For Level 1 or Level 3, a two-day assessment with an SMS expert via virtual (internet-based) meeting with visual connectivity to enable interviews and review of documents. 
  • For Level 2 or Level 4, a two-day on-site assessment of the SMS to facilitate observations and cultural analysis. 

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