Data Memberships

A WYVERN Membership connects you to the global world of business aviation. Conduct in-depth searches on air charter operators with WYVERN’s proprietary Safety Intelligence Reports to find the best fit for your business needs with safety as a focus. WYVERN’s new integrated SMS allows you to efficiently manage your operational risks intuitively. It also includes an integrated training management system so you can take charge of your internal training program.


Corporate Member

Corporate members are able to easily search the population of WYVERN Registered and Wingman operators for options that meet their specific operational needs. Our system allows them to optimize their search for the best operator while validating specific safety standards to the level they choose.

Open to ALL Operators!

This membership is for any operator or company who does not qualify for WYVERN Registered or Wingman status yet want to enjoy the benefit of having access to the membership database and our world-class SMS.

Registered Operator Member

Registered Operator members are air charter operators who meet the basic requirements of WYVERN’s Registered Operator Standard.
In general, this requires turbine powered aircraft, each flight having two experienced pilots who meet the WYVERN Registered Operator experience levels.
Review the Standard
Contact us at to get a copy of the WYVERN Registered Operator Standard.

Wingman Operator Member

Wingman Operator members are air charter operators who have been validated via assessment to meet the requirements of WYVERN’s Wingman Standard.
The Wingman Standard requires the flights to be conducted in multi-engine turbine powered aircraft, with two highly-experienced pilots who meet the WYVERN Wingman experience levels.
Contact us at to learn more about the WYVERN Wingman Standard.


Broker Member

WYVERN Broker Membership is open to any air charter broker who promises to uphold WYVERN ethical and professional standards for air charter brokers.
The world of WYVERN Registered and Wingman operators is at your fingertips using WYVERN’s proprietary data center.
Meet your clients’ needs efficiently and effectively. Help them select air charter based with safety in mind using Registered or Wingman Standards.  Deep-dive into the operator’s safety profile with WYVERN’s proprietary operator Safety Intelligence Reports.
Certified Broker Membership
WYVERN Certified Brokers are audited by WYVERN and are validated to meet WYVERN requirements related to broker codes of conduct.  Gain more clients with a seal of trust by WYVERN as a Certified Broker.

“InterFlight Global is proud to be a part of the WYVERN Broker Network. IFG has over 20 years of aircraft and charter brokerage experience in the United States and Europe with satellite operations in the Middle East and Asia. IFG is committed to safety and its executives have decades of experience in general aviation, corporate aviation, and airline transportation.”

Yvette Garcia / Managing Partner, InterFlight Global