Flight Data Analysis Program (FDAP) is a program designed to enhance aviation safety. 

The monitoring and analysis of flight data is a cornerstone of contemporary aerospace safety systems and a hallmark of a mature SMS. In today's tight-budget business climate, the expense associated with traditional flight operational quality assurance programs has many operators weighing benefit vs reward. WYVERN's Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) system provides a low-cost alternative to integrating flight data analysis into your SMS, which is an international requirement. WYVERN's system utilizes affordable yet dependable portable equipment to capture an array of flight and position data parameters. The data is automatically and securely transmitted to WYVERN's secure system where it can be viewed and analyzed. Each operator can establish their discreet limits and filters for each parameter, and view the results in both dashboard and highly detailed graphical views on WYVERN's user portal.  WYVERN safety professionals can assist you in administering your Flight Data Analysis Program. 

FDM operators may also participate in the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program. The ASIAS program for business aviation is an expansion of the commercial ASIAS program designed to improve safety by incorporating voluntary aviation safety data submitted by the community. FDM collects basic flight data information to contribute to ASIAS. Participation in ASIAS via FDM not only improves the operator’s safety program, but also improves the safety of the aviation industry with integrated analysis capability.