Demonstrate your organization's commitment to safety,  professionalism and aviation best practices for UAS operations. 


EXACT is an acronym for EXcellence through Assessment, Consistency, and Training.  The EXACT Certification program was designed for organizations and service providers utilizing unmanned aircraft  systems (UAS) or drones, both visual line of sight (VLOS) and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). 

EXACT Certification enables companies to demonstrate compliance to FAA and other Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations and to show a commitment to safety and quality management systems verified by an independent, third party organization.

The assessment process includes documentation and systems reviews and interviews with Wyvern auditors.  Suggestions  and feedback based upon industry best practices are also provided. 

Upon successfully completing the assessment a certificate valid for 24 months and final report are provided. The company also becomes part of the EXACT Certified vendor network for buyers requiring audited UAS service provider vendors.  EXACT Certified companies will be displayed on Wyvern's website and are part of our ongoing networking and marketing efforts. 

Our team works with you every step of the way to provide guidance and expertise as you go through the accreditation process. Because EXACT is a flexible and scalable program, assessments are more comprehensive as higher Categories are evaluated.

 EXACT Assessment Categories have been introduced to meet market and customer needs, particularly with regard to the large range of UAS/RPAS Operations.

An EXACT Assessment Category of an EXACT Assessment is determined by:

  • The UAV/RPA maximum take-off mass (MTOM)
  • Type of operation: operated VLOS or BVLOS 
  • Height above ground level, AGL

 EXACT Assessment Categories




Category 1

<25 kg (55 lbs.)


Category 2

25 kg up to  <150 kg (330 lbs.)


Category 3

<150 kg (330 lbs.)


Category 4

150 kg (330 lbs.) and above


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