The Need for CRM Training


Investigators conclude that more than 70 percent of aviation incidents and accidents involve human error. NASA found that the majority of crew errors consist of failures in leadership, team coordination and decision-making. CRM is a skill that can be developed where a person uses all available resources (information, equipment and people) to achieve a desired outcome. CRM is the process to identify threats and take appropriate action to mitigate the associated risks. Using CRM, aviation professionals can better manage errors, improve morale, and enhance operational effectiveness.


Airline safety studies reveal that 98 percent of all flights face an average of four threats per flight. These same studies show that errors were observed on 82 percent of all flights with an average of 2.8 per flight. However, with effective CRM, the majority of errors were well-managed and inconsequential.


The ICAO requires CRM programs for all member countries and is promulgated throughout every airline company in each of the 193 ICAO member states around the world. The U.S. Air Force, among other organizations, uses CRM for maintenance professionals (aka MRM) to boost communication effectiveness and safety culture in aircraft maintenance organizations.


Why WYVERN CRM Training?


WYVERN’s one-day CRM training course is carefully designed and delivered by experienced airline and business aviation instructors who have implemented effective CRM in major airline companies and business aviation companies. The program is uniquely tailored to capture all the essential elements of CRM for pilots, maintenance professionals, dispatchers, and all other aviation professionals. CRM training focuses on group dynamics, leadership, interpersonal communications and decision-making. The course is delivered via a webinar and is highly engaging, enjoyable, and packed with valuable lessons.


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