Private Aviation Alternatives Provided by Wyvern


For companies seeking alternatives for their own flight operations, Wyvern offers a robust SaaS platform designed to help buyers source, research, and vet charter operators, globally. Wyvern is a trusted resource and aviation partner for multi-national corporations, Fortune 500 companies, Government agencies, NGOs, air carriers, corporate flight departments, and air charter brokers requiring manned and unmanned services. 


By the Numbers:

  • 3,000 charter operators
  • 100+ Wingman Certified Operators worldwide
  • 400+ Registered with Wyvern Operators in PASS Data Program
  • 2000+ PASS reports generated monthly
  • 11,000+ Active Pilot’s medical info and flight time updated in our database
  • 18,000+ Aircraft available for charter – turbine, turboprops, helicopters, and unmanned aircraft   vehicles in the future

 For almost 30 years Wyvern has been providing clients with the tools and resources to allow organizations to determine acceptable levels of risk when securing charter flights. Our data collection processes, Safety Intelligence Report (SIR), Wyvern Report, and Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) tools give an in-depth look at an air carrier from fleet composition, crew experience, Operations Specifications, insurance coverage, accident and incident reports, and current enforcement actions against carriers in the United States. 

 For customers requiring charter flights to be vetted by an independent third-party entity, Wingman Certified Operators provide a global network of audited lift evaluated against the Wingman Standard, our proprietary safety standard.

Contact Wyvern for more information about Wingman, Industry Best Practice, Custom and Unmanned Systems assessments.