EXACT Presentations at InterDrone and Unmanned Systems Canada 2016



Attend InterDrone, September 7th - 9th in Las Vegas, or Unmanned Systems Canada, November 1st - 3rd, to view Wyvern's presentation: UAV Operator selection and Risk Mitigation: Vetting and Monitoring UAV Contractors and Operators with EXACT. This presentation will address:

  • Why should we be concerned?
  • Typical causes of aviation accidents
  • Current UAV Regulations
  • How do we evaluate operators?
  • EXACT (EXcellence through Assessment, Continuous monitoring and Training)
Conference Date of Presentation   Time of Presentation  


September 8th

10:35 - 11:55 PST & 4:50 - 5:10 PST

Unmanned Canada   November 3rd 16:00 EST


 J_Meehan_250px.jpgJohn Meehan, V.P. of Global Sales will be presenting the following abstract. 

Wyvern has been in the aviation risk management business for over 25 years. Founded in 1991 Wyvern has a global clientele who rely on Wyvern to provide independent risk assessments of commercial air charter operators globally, measured against an international aviation best practices standard. 

At the request of our large clients, and after two years of intensive study, Wyvern developed the EXACT  EXcellence through Assessment, Continuous Monitoring, and Training) standard, which allows UAV/RPAS operators to be vetted and benchmarked against an ICAO based standard, built on ICAO 10019, Manual for RPAS. In this presentation we will explain what EXACT is, and demonstrate its value by using a case study of two operators, whom Wyvern benchmarks and scores against the EXACT standard, thus allowing insurance and customers to make a judgment of relative risk. The standard is not regulatory in nature, but is based on best practices learned in the manned side of aviation. It is a scalable standard that can be used to assess risk on all operators ranging from small operators, all the way up to Global Hawk sized operators, and can be used by global companies to help their operations worldwide mitigate risk with UAVs/RPAS.

We plan to highlight real operators who have undergone the assessment at InterDrone and Unmanned Systems Canada 2016.