Saudia Private Aviation Signs Long Term Agreement with Wyvern for Technical Support and Comprehensive Risk Management Services

By Michelle Dina | Sep 19, 2016 3:21:52 PM




Yardley, PA:  Saudia Private Aviation (SPA), a premium provider of private aviation services in the Middle East, has signed a long term agreement with Wyvern, a world leader in aviation safety, quality and risk management, to implement a comprehensive program ensuring that SPA achieves the highest standard of safety and quality possible.  In delivering its services, Wyvern will provide updated operational and technical manuals to SPA which comply with newly implemented regulations of the Saudi Arabian General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA); assess, enhance and implement safety best practices on an on-going basis across SPA’s global operations, and provide ongoing assistance that supports the company’s internal systems and processes.

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EXACT Presentations at InterDrone and Unmanned Systems Canada 2016

By Katie Schieder | Aug 24, 2016 1:00:38 PM

Attend InterDrone, September 7th - 9th in Las Vegas, or Unmanned Systems Canada, November 1st - 3rd, to view Wyvern's presentation: UAV Operator selection and Risk Mitigation: Vetting and Monitoring UAV Contractors and Operators with EXACT. This presentation will address:

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Why Do I Need an IS-BAO Audit?

By Tony Ciaravino | Aug 22, 2016 4:29:27 PM

I always hear the same questions, "What is an IS-BAO audit?" "Why do I need an IS-BAO audit?" "What are the requirements for an IS-BAO audit?" "What is the difference between IS-BAO stage I, stage II, and stage III?" And most commonly, "How am I supposed to justify the cost of this audit?" I am writing this to answer all the above questions and help anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed at the thought of tackling an IS-BAO audit. 

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How Do I Get Started With EXACT?

By John Meehan | Aug 22, 2016 9:18:23 AM

Since the initial activity for commercial drone applications is primarily oriented around drones operating less than 55lbs, VLOS, 400’ AGL, DVFR (also known as EXACT CATEGORY 1 drones), this guide is written for CAT 1 operators to help them prepare for the EXACT assessment.

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Fatigue in Corporate Aviation

The Science of Fatigue, Operational Risk, and Mitigation Strategies.

Fatigue risk impacts every part of flight operations including pilots and flight attendants as well as mechanics and ramp personnel whose mission critical activities ensure the plane is ready for flight. Unmanaged fatigue risk can jeopardize the safety of the passengers and crew, be very costly, and negatively impact company reputation. This blog post addresses some of the key aspects to consider.

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What is a UAV No-Fly Zone?

By Katie Schieder | Aug 9, 2016 11:10:12 AM

DJI, the leader in easy-to-fly drones and aerial photography systems, announced they are enforcing a temporary no-fly zone  for unmanned aerial vehicles in an effort to avoid disrupting the Olympic venues in Rio. DJI has implemented similar no-fly zones in the past for United States political events, the G& summit in Japan, andthe Euro 2016 soccer tournament in France.

Manual Martinez, DJI Latin America Corporate Communications Director, released a statement saying the temporary no-fly zone was put into effect "in order to increase safety and security at high-profile locations and reduce the likelihood of drone operators inadvertently entering sensitive areas."

This makes sense, but it brings up the questions what is a no-fly zone, are all no-fly zones temporary, and how do I know if I am in a no-fly zone?

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7 Best Podcasts About Drones

By Katie Schieder | Jul 26, 2016 3:59:43 PM

Are you drone obsessed, filling every spare minute with drone related content and education? Or are you a casual spectator, interested in how this new technology will change our world? The beauty of podcasts is that they cater to the obsessed as much as they do the casual spectators alike. Podcasts are free, you can download and listen at your liesure or you can binge. 

We have complied a list of what we believe to be the 7 best podcasts about drones / UAVs for your enjoyment and education. The below podcasts address a wide variety of topics including: business applications, sports, economic environment, entertainment, jobs & careers, perspectives, photography, drone regulations, research and development, safety and education, and technology and innovation.

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Learn the Different Part 107 Requirements for Recreational vs Commercial Drones

By Katie Schieder | Jul 19, 2016 4:41:58 PM

The new FAA Part 107 Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft will be effective starting August 29th, 2016. You need to know what is required under Part 107, if you are considered a recreational or a commercial drone operator, and how these new regulations apply to you.

For additional information:

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Wyvern Releases New “Wyvern Risk Management” Suite of Services

By Katie Schieder | May 31, 2016 4:43:57 PM

Wyvern announces the launch of “Wyvern Risk Management”, a suite of services developed to provide independent, customizable, comprehensive, and systematic in-house risk management programs for operators and the vendors they engage to support their operation.

Here are some other Wyvern press releases:

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RTI Group, LLC Awarded Wyvern EXACT Certification

By Katie Schieder | May 17, 2016 10:58:53 AM

UAV Operations Conform to Highest Industry Standard

RTI Group, LLC, a forensic investigation and engineering company located in Stevensville, MD, has achieved Wyvern’s EXACT certification for its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations. In receiving the Wyvern EXACT designation, RTI has demonstrated its compliance with global industry best practices, meeting a standard that includes comprehensive safety and quality oversight and management of its UAS operations.

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